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Kamilla Mez

Documentation by Rikke Ehlers Nilsson and Noah Holtegaard

Original event description

Dear friends and collegaues,
In connection to my acceptance at Master of Fine Arts at HDK-Valand in Gothenburg, I am leaving. Therefore, I very much to invite you to my farewell reception, kasket, stakit, stafet, – a collaboration between me and Aalborg Artist’s Association (𝒜𝒜𝒜𝒜) – in Husets Urban Garden on Saturday the 22nd of August 2020 at 4 PM.

kasket, stakit, stafet, is a performative moment, where I wish to go into depth and problematize some of the bigger cultural issues in the regionen – the artistic migration – where young artists are moving out to find better education and work possibilities. Throughout my five years in Aalborg I’ve observed how many art-colleagues are moving out of town, and that they are not returning. This will not do – especially not, because Aalborg wishes to be a global pointer as an (inter)national art and culture city. Read amongst others this article from Nordjyske in 2019, which expresses the issue, here.

There will be welcome-mojitos with mint from our urban garden and food served with napkins from SuperPonyHest. And then there is also gonna be much party and fun, where it’s probably also a good idea to also bring your own beverages. Because of coordination I ask you to confirm your participation at this event.

All are welcome!

4 - 4.20 PM Welcome
4.20 - 5 PM kasket, stakit, stafet,
5 - 6.30 PM 𝒜𝒜𝒜𝒜 Samtalesalon: “How do we solve the artistic migration?”
6.30 - 12 PM Critical Reception

kasket, stakit, stafet, is a continuation of my artistic practice, where I work with presenting private moments in a public context because such a space can be part of creating new narratives and understandings. My works seek to discover new knowledge, present forgotten narratives, foster curiosity between different fields of comprehension in order to contribute to alternative structures that make it possible to create awareness of the social, political, cultural and historic aspects of those spaces we engage and live in.

A special thanks to Huset i Hasserisgade, MakerSpace 9220, Lille Nyhavn, Kunsthal Nord, SuperPonyHest, Nordjyske, and Axel’s parents.

This project is supported by KulturKANten and Aalborg Kommunes Kunstfond.

Link to Nordjyske article